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Carpal Tunnel pain

Lower Back pain
Shoulder pain
Neck pain
Knee pain & balance

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specific for travelers
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Life Anatomy brochure

Dancing Exercises

Life Anatomy manual & video

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The nutrition info in all courses is for personal use ONLY and not to be practiced on clients,
as it’s out of the scope of practice.

Please choose either the COMPLETE Life Anatomy online course: manual & video
(with new bonus content), or manual only, video only (with same new bonus content).

Life Anatomy online: manual & video
Tuition $49.00 CAD


1. Seated
2. Supine only
3. Side lying
4. Abdomen
5. Shoulder Chart
6. Rotator Cuff
7. Frozen Shoulder
8. Fallen Metatarsal Heads
9. Achilles Tendonitis
10. Mirror Moves
11. Mental Moves
12. Hydro Help
13. Better Muscle Contraction & Relaxation
14. Ballance Tips
15. References & Contraindications

Life Anatomy - free sample video

$49.00 CAD

Life Anatomy video online:

includes same BONUS CONTENT as Life Anatomy above

SAME VIDEO & BONUS CONTENT as Life Anatomy complete course
Life Anatomy - free sample video

Life Anatomy Manual Only
$29.00 CAD

Aqua Alternative

  1. Land alternative
  2. Core strength
  3. Tai- chi
  4. Compare exercises  
  5. Tub
  6. Pool PH
  7. Nutrition tips
  8. Assessments and Techniques

Tuition $49.00 CAD

Note: please choose either level 1 OR level 1 & 2 combined which INCLUDES TRAVELERCISE

microMoves - the basics Travelercise online
level 1

microMoves, ergo basics, aerobic, balance, core strength & nutrition tips and free pocket guide

Tuition 20.00

sample exercise-- click below to view the video

Foot Pedal

(the content is the same as the pocket guide)

microMoves for RSI online
Regular  tuition 49.00

level 1 & 2 combined: microMoves for RSI

(includes grading and certificate)

25 more microMoves, ergo basics, aerobic, balance, core strength & nutrition tips and free pocket guides


1. The microMoves solution chart
2. Constructive Rest
3. Assessments
4. Passive & Active release & new trigger point techniques
5. Wall walking {to re-pattern walk}
6. Bio_feed back for migraines
7. Face massage
8. links to related web sites

Neck Release-free sample video

Includes Travelercise
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Download microMoves basic pocket guide here ($5.00)

(the content is the same as Travelercise)

Stand Up Desktop Guide

(selected microMoves from pocket guide)


1. After paying trough PayPal, you will receive en email with a dowmload link and a password. It is necessary to enter your email address in the provided field at Paypal
2. When you receive your password, proceed to the provided link and download your guide.

3. You can now print your guide. Use thicker paper for better results. After printing the guide, fold it along the middle blue line so it looks like the picture above.

Continuing Easy Care (CEC)

  1. Charts pressure cold/ heat + videos
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Moving & massage better side transfers.
  4. Core strength: Standing all 4’s + wall planks  
  5. Facia
  6. Movement video
  7. Stretches  muscle overlays on body
  8. Lymph tips
  9. Nutrition tips
  10. Health tips: eyes, sleep, EMF reduction

Tuition $49.00 CAD

Live Courses:

in Edmonton:

St Andrews Centre 12720, 111 Ave, in boardroom.
Free parking on west side, as you enter the centre it’s the first room on your left.
Runs the last week of each month TBA
(except during holidays)
Includes stand up desk guide
Instructor Sherry Ogg BGS RMT GCFP

call Sherry at 780-414-0273 toll free 1-877-414-0505

Highly recommended books 20% off
1. Anatomy & Physiology: The massage Connection Third Edition Kalyani Premkumar
ISBN: 978-0-7817-5922-9


have a client lean into face cradle

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