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Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) result from continuous repetitive strain, prolonged immobility, and excessive or irregular stress on the body. MSDs are the number one reason for absenteeism and lost productivity in Canada, and costs the economy $19.8 billion annually. Approximately 14 million Americans have musculoskeletal disorders, which are the leading cause of disability among individuals of working age (18 to 64 years of age). The total cost to American society for musculoskeletal disorders exceeds $65 billion annually, of which $27.5 billion alone is for musculoskeletal injuries.

Service Delivery:

  • CD-ROM for network installation or individual use
  • Video for in-house training or take-home
  • Training Manuals and Reference booklets
  • Training the Trainer
  • Group Training
  • Consulting

What is WORK`ercise?

The WORK`ercise Health Program provides visual and text-based instruction on quick and easy to do micromoves (small exercises) for every part of the body in an interactive and user-friendly CD-ROM system. Additionally, information is provided on the human anatomy as well as valuable tips on ergonomics for the work and home. The use of WORK`ercise will help to prevent and effectively deal with MSDs as well as other related and downstream health problems.


How it works

The product is the WORK`ercise Health Program and is centered around a series of professionally developed exercises for individuals who spend a substantial amount of time at work at a desk, in front of a computer, or performing repetitive tasks of any nature.

The exercises are easy to do, take less than a minute each, and help to prevent or deal effectively with injuries at the worksite which include musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) and repetitive stress injury (RSI).

The WORK`ercise Health Program is comprised of a 3-part instructional package: Top

I. CD-ROM instructional program. The WORK`ercise program is available in two formats. A basic CD of 16 exercises and a comprehensive CD of 40 exersices. Both CD's address various parts of the body are presented in a highly interactive and user-friendly system. The program can be installed on a computer or run directly from the CD and will prompt a user at regularly timed intervals with a reminder to do an exercise. The user can click any part of a diagram of the human body that they want to target at that moment. The program then gives the user the following information for the body part of choice:
· Selection of exercises for a particular part of   the body
· A video clip, written description or both forms of instruction to do the chosen exercise
· Benefits associated with the exercise
· A glossary of terms used for that body area   and the chosen exercise

Each exercise has a 'catchy' name that can be used for easy reference with colleagues at work and for easy memory.

The instruction can be started, stopped, or paused very easily and then continued again at one's convenience. The instruction is clear and easy to understand and follow as live examples are used for the instruction.

In addition to the exercises, critical information is also provided on understanding human anatomy, proper body positioning, common faults and solutions of worksite behavior, and other ergonomic tips for the worksite.

The presentation is highly professional and the layout and design highly approachable and user-friendly.

A VHS video format of the instructional program is also available but is not interactive but rather explains all of the exercises and other information in a preset order.



II. Introduction workshop, onsite presentations and follow-up training sessions.
Professional staff offer a personal introductory workshop to organizations or individuals who purchase the program. All key micromoves in the CD-ROM and video are demonstrated as well as the key movements to be cautious of and to avoid. Follow-up sessions are also provided to address any issues, problems, or concerns of the client and to allow opportunities to freshen up on any forgotten skills or those that the client is unsure of. The follow-up sessions reinforce different exercises and their benefits, and the value of the overall package to the client. This is necessary as the product addresses a new way of thinking and promotes a change of behavior at the worksite.


III. Written material includes a small desktop flip chart. This material provides an explanation including diagrams of all of the exercises and the benefits that accrue to the body from using each.


> Additional reading:

Impact   The return on investment for implementing ergonomic improvements at the workplace has been measured by a number of organizations.


WORK`ercise® Pocket Guide or Desk Top Guide
Coil bound to stand and flip on desk.




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