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Lower Back pain
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In Alberta call (780) 414-0273
Toll-free 1-877-414-0505

PO BOX 62065 Westmount
PO 13310-111 AV Edmonton AB Canada




Q. Is there a time line to do the course/courses?

A. No, the online courses can be done anytime any day. You then send your certificate to your association when it’s due.


Q. What are microMoves?

A. Micro movements based on the Dr. Feldenkrais Method, Awareness Through Movement (ATM) of neuro- muscular re- education.

Q. How many CE or CC credits?

A. Click your association credits tab on our site, all credits are listed per course.


Q. Are the courses all online? Can I run them on my smart phone?

A. Yes, you get all the microMoves courses online & Life Anatomy it’s FUNctional course online with up-dated bonus content (which is the best) these courses will run on a smart phone with a video app.


Q. Can I get microMoves on a DVD, or hard copy of desk guide or pocket guide? Can I get Life Anatomy course on a DVD & hard copy manual?

A. Yes these are correspondence courses. For microMoves it’s a DVD or CD-ROM (runs on computer) with the bonus content on a paper hand out.  You can also order a hard copy of microMoves desk guide or pocket guide.

For Life Anatomy: it’s a hard copy of Life Anatomy manual & DVD with bonus content on a handout.


Note: The hard copies are more expensive + shipping.

The online courses are much better as they will run on a smart phone & all reference web links are active with just one click. You also receive your course the same day without shipping costs, without the waiting time to arrive.


Q. Can I print bonus content technique pages to use at the table?

A. Yes you can print any 1 page you need, just click print friendly page.


Q. May I show microMoves to my client for home care?

A. Yes that’s the whole point, to do between sessions. You can use these yourself between clients.


Q. Is there a in-person live course?

A. Yes microMoves for RSI, click your association credits tab, for the credits.


Q. FAQ about Feldenkrais click this link:

    General info:


Q. What do I do if I lost my pass word?

A.  Email they will re-send it to you.


Call if you have questions at  780- 414-0273  or 1-877 414-0505






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Toll-Free 1-(877)-414-0505  or  In Alberta call (780) 414-0273